Thesis writing vs. study

Final exam just around the corner.
5 days left before my first paper.
Thinking of my thesis make me forget about exam.
But thesis submission on 26th, exam on 29th.
How can i ignore and forget about exam?!
HRM plak tu.
D only paper that i can easily score if i read the book.
Bukan macam paper lain yang bace buku pun belum tentu pass.

I prefer to complete my thesis 1st then study..
But my SV haven't check my draft yet.
She was very busy before
can only meet and discuss about the draft on Monday.
Hmm....nevermind la kan...
Just go with d flow.
Jangan fikir sangat..
Meantime, study dulu mane yang sempat.
After Monday...start rewrite draft for corrections.

Ape yang penting tidur kene cukup.
Exercise kene cukup.
Makan kene cukup.
Barula otak senang nak bekerja.
Tu pesan 1 of my lecturer.
I like...(^_^)V
Tapi cukup2 je..jangan terlebih...


futbolmaster said...

hmm..betul2..tambah satu lagi..kener ader motivation yg tinggi utk wat kerja..klu x aper pun xjalan..hehe

Anonymous said...

tau xpe!
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