Thalassemia Briefing

Thalassemia: Blood disease. Can be inherited (pusaka turun temurun). 
Reduce syhthesis globin chain, caused the formation of abnormal hemoglobin which may lead to anemia.

Anemia: decreasing in no of normal red blood cells (RBC) or lowering in normal quantity of hemoglobin. This will decrease d oxygen binding ability n lowering transportation of oxygen from lung to tissues. Patient will look pale, weak, fatingue, facing poor condentration, shortness of breath, n heart failure.

Diagnose using blood test. Counting bape banyak cell darah n observe under microscope rupe cell darah tu normal ke tak. 

Treatment by blood transfusion n medicine. But tak berapa faham how medicine work on it.

Buah cempedak luar pagar, amek galah jolokkan la..
Pembayang je..maksud 'pikir la sendri'  (^_^)V


futbolmaster said...

tgk darah pki microscope jer? senang jer nak wat test tu...reliable ke?

Anonymous said...

yup. kite boleh nampak cell darah tu bentuk die cane. kalau abnormal die x bp nak bulat. remember kite pnh buat ms part 1?? Copyright 2009 Sweet Cupcake Designed by Ipiet Templates Image by Tadpole's Notez | Distributed by eFree Blogger Help